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Urban Design


San Diego, CA



An attractive, vibrant, urban mixed-use village is envisioned for the stadium site. Based on a street grid like Center City, three illustrative concepts incorporate all the principles of the City of Villages resulting in a pedestrian-oriented village focused on the existing and future transit system. Public parks are fully integrated into each plan, responding to the recreation needs of residents of Mission Valley and Serra Mesa along with the future vision of the San Diego River Park. Each of the development concepts relies on a unique arrangement of park space to determine its overall form. Pedestrian and vehicular linkages to the surrounding community as well as the broad pedestrian esplanade joining the stadium and the trolley station make each plan work with local and regional infrastructure. A mixture of residential housing concepts, including affordable, senior and workforce housing will create a livable environment for all citizens of San Diego who live in this unique environment. Living and working in this environment will be much like that of the Core of North University City, Little Italy, Cortez Hill, or the emerging East Village. This type of development supports the satisfying urban lifestyle that has become so desirable in San Diego.

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