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Community Action Plan


El Cajon, CA



The El Dorado Park Neighborhood Plan is a community action plan for the rehabilitation and improvement of the El Dorado Park neighborhood in the City of Fresno. Located directly west of the Fresno State campus, El Dorado Park is a four-block area with 47 properties of predominantly multi-family residential apartment buildings. Built in the 1960's as student housing for Fresno State students, the apartment buildings and their surrounding grounds have been in a prolonged period of disrepair and neglect by absentee landlords. The City of Fresno (in collaboration with key community organizations) hired MW Steele Group to lead a community planning effort that culminated in the adoption of the El Dorado Park Neighborhood Plan. Through extensive public participation and involvement with stakeholders, we crafted a vision for the future of the El Dorado Park neighborhood that respects the past and serves as a model for future redevelopment efforts in a rapidly growing city and region.

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