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Michael Paluso 



PHONE    619.230.0325 x4241

As our Managing Principal, Michael is an integral part of the management team playing a key role in providing technical oversight and managing complex projects of varying sizes. He is talented, committed to the work we do and has a natural ability to fill an important mentor role to many of our junior staff.

Michael’s passion for architecture was framed within the idea that one could leave a positive, longstanding impact through the built environment. His belief system consequently has been shaped by a key lesson he has learned throughout his 20+ year career; honesty in materiality within architecture allows the structure to inform the final design.

Michael manages complex projects of varying sizes, scopes, and building types from the initial design through construction. Highly organized and detail oriented, Michael’s extensive knowledge base allows for him to develop creative solutions to complex architectural problems. His commitment to the firm and subsequently every project he is assigned to shines through in each facet of his work including his sustainability efforts.


With a strong desire to improve the built environment and an emphasis to make the projects he works on sustainable, Michael is proud to have been part of the team on the Melvin Garb Hillel Student Center Certified LEED Gold project, a previous local affordable housing GreenPoint Certified project and most recently the Green Point Rated Wasco Farmworker Housing Project. With this ethos, Michael also volunteers on his church parishes’ architectural renovation committee adding his expertise to insure the historic and architectural integrity be maintained.

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