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Mark Steele



PHONE    619.230.0325 x4234

Mark Steele, founder of M.W. Steele Group, is nationally recognized as a visionary and a community leader.  Mark has contributed consistently to the community through his personal involvement with a wide range of issues as well as his ability to communicate technical and conceptual information as the basis for gaining community consensus. He is visible within the San Diego region as a proponent of responsible growth and design and has helped to redefine the role of the architect within the development process. Mark and the firm have developed a reputation for providing innovative design skills while navigating complex political and public process and bringing people together.While establishing M.W. Steele Group, Mark has earned the highest measure of respect for his ability to help clients strategically position both new construction and redevelopment projects to increase their value and their overall performance and viability. He brings in-depth understanding of zoning, design guidelines, and the complexities of public and private partnerships to our work. Mark offers a comprehensive and innovative approach to design, combining critical analysis of issues with architecture and urban planning.

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