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Chris Luna



PHONE    619.230.0325 x4250

As the first Spatial Designer of M.W. Steele Group’s urban design team, Chris brings a unique human centered approach to all scales and aspects of his work. Chris brings valuable perspective and insight to M.W. Steele Group that can always be traced back to the needs of the individuals that our projects serve. He has a special talent in translating a community’s needs into cohesive concepts to help guide plan development.

Chris’ team leadership skills are proven by his experience in winning a large-scale international design competition, as well as updating the Parks Master Plan for Talent, Oregon. His ability to organize outreach events, to understand and address the broad range of needs for businesses and community members and improving plan designs while focusing on maintaining the character of a community is unmatched. His ability to work across scales, transitioning between the fine details of architecture to the long-range goals of planning, and produce visual graphics that ground it all in the human experience, has led Chris to become an integral part of the urban design team on projects like La Jolla Streetscape Design Plan, and the Rams Hill Specific Plan Update.

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