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Master Plan


San Diego, CA



As part of a SANDAG Smart Growth Grant, the City of San Diego retained MW Steele Group, Nelson\Nygaard and a team of consultants to formulate a land use and mobility strategy for the Euclid and Market area of Southeastern San Diego. MW Steele Group performed the Urban Design and Outreach component of the project. The area is home to one of the most heavily used MTS Trolley and bus transit stations in the city. Mobility and Land Use Planning is critical in this community, which has seen a pattern of development that is heavily auto-oriented and incompatible with surrounding residential neighborhoods in the area. M.W. Steele Group developed a series of 3D design studies to demonstrate and evaluate the potential for development along the trolley corridor and at critical intersections in the community. Using our design proposals as a basis for their analysis, Nelson\Nygaard evaluated alternative streetscape improvements, transit station design alternatives and intersection design concepts for the area. The plan was adopted by council in spring 2013 and many of the recommendations have been folded into the Community Plan Update.

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