Create the first modern and environmentally conscious Hillel facility at San Diego State University. Located adjacent to the urban university campus, an integrated approach to design was essential to factor in the neighborhood fabric, student life and working within the context of the University and recognizing the Master Plan.



Connectivity is at the heart of the design concept for Hillel.  Interconnectivity of all indoor and outdoor spaces reflects the overall role and mission of Hillel, that of connecting students—physically & culturally—to one another, to their university, to their community and to the world.



Specifically, the design concept places the primary individual and small group activity space(s) on the ground level adjacent to a courtyard that is accessed by roll up “garage doors”.  This space is located at the entrance to fully engage students and encourage active participation while the special event space that holds upwards of 200 members or visitors is located on the second floor with a large adjacent outdoor deck.  Special spaces like the library, study rooms, administration and kitchen conveniently wrap around and support the activity spaces.



The result is a 10,500 square-foot, two-story, LEED Gold certified building and the first modern Hillel facility in San Diego with seamless design that works with its environment not against it. Some of the features of the Hillel Center that helped it to earn LEED Gold certification include an energy efficient HVAC system, energy efficient appliances, the use of sustainable and recycled materials in construction, and a photovoltaic system (solar panels) on the roof. As a result of these sustainable features, the SDSU Hillel Center will enjoy lower operating costs over the life of the building, conservation of water, power and electricity, tax rebates, and improved health and safety of occupants. Additionally, the project provides a comfortable building that is a welcoming presence to anyone who enters it and is well-suited for a wide range of activities for individual members and the community at large. 




Project Details
Type New Construction - Academic
Client Hillel of San Diego / San Diego State University
Location San Diego, CA
Size 10,500 SF
Services New Construction
LEED Gold Certified
Completed 2014
Design Team
Mark Steele
Steve Miles
Michael Paluso