The Wasco Affordable Farmworker Housing Relocation project is a 226-unit affordable multi-family development located in California's Central Valley. This 17-acre site will serve as a new location for the existing Farmworker Housing community that is being displaced by the California High-Speed Rail.

The existing Farmworker housing (converted from World War II POW camps), lacks a sense of character and individuality. The design of the new affordable homes focus on creating multi-family dwellings that more closely reflect a typical single-family neighborhood. To achieve this, larger buildings line the perimeter of the site, buffering the smaller, single-family style homes in the center of the complex. In order to accommodate parking without the use of a large parking lot or structure, semi-private driveways were conveniently placed between homes and distributed throughout the site. Unit types include 1-4 bedroom options with multiple configurations. The varying roof shapes also add visual interest while the natural color palette, with bright pops of colors on doors, blend in with the surrounding environment.

The project also features a child development center, community center and medical clinic. The clinic will be made available to a local provider who will serve the housing community and the City of Wasco at large.

The project is currently in plan check review with the City of Wasco. Construction is anticipated to be completed in 2019.









Project Details
Type Affordable Multi-family Farmworker Housing
County of Kern Housing Authority;
Wasco Affordable Housing
Location Wasco, CA
Size 17 acres; 226-units
Services New Construction
Completed Under Construction
In the News Bakersfieldnow.com article "A new affordable housing development in Wasco will increase quality of life"
Design Team
Mark Steele
Michael Paluso