EMAIL      jessica@mwsteele.com

PHONE         619.230.0325 x4243






Jessica joined the team as our Office Assistant in 2016 making herself indispensable.  She has a keen sense of operations that not only keeps us well caffeinated, but also allows the firm to run smoothly on a daily basis.  She juggles across multiple departments from accounting, to marketing, to assisting the team with events, meeting management and supply inventory.  One day she will be supporting the accounting team with invoicing, accounts receivable and payable and filing while on the next she is providing marketing assistance, creating website graphics, making collateral updates, creating internal communications and preparing proposals. As any firm will recognize, without this support there is no foundation to function. From the toner being ordered to opening the mail to paying bills - each one of her tasks is vital to our operations.  Beyond all that, her humor seeps through the driest of cracks…her quips, one liners and innuendos make reading our internal newsletter the highlight of the day!