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  • Chrome Hearts Beijing High End Retail | MW Steele Group Architecture and Planning
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Inspiration came from the intensity and complexity of the city of Beijing itself, as well as from the personal style of Chrome Hearts owner Richard Stark and his product which became popular originally with rock star patrons, such as The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, and the Sex Pistols. Today, the brand is still popular with celebrity musicians, but equally as popular with non-celebrities.



Create the first flagship store in China for the iconic Chrome Hearts brand. The store is a new structure within a high density, high intensity, mixed-use urban complex in Beijing's Chaoyang District. The available site was a 3,000 square foot space under a raised tower.  Project had to meet requirements of the building complex owners, adjacent tenants and unique Chinese and Beijing building ordinances.



The goal was to design a space that met the complex requirements of the pre-existing shopping complex and the city, but still had a unique personality of its own that reflected the brand essence of Chrome Hearts while making it stand out among the other shops. This was accomplished by defining the Chrome Hearts space separately from the overall building complex with a large indoor/outdoor roof and corresponding plinth simply enclosed with butting glass panels. Carved patterns in the ceiling and elaborate casework were incorporated to reflect the traditional Chrome Hearts features that have existed in all their shops over the course of 20 years.



The result is a 3,000 square foot space that opened in 2014 to accolades and showcases the lifestyle elements of the brand as well as the products themselves. The contrast of textures and unique expression fits well with the intensity and complexity of Beijing.