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Design List with Gaëlle

September 12 , 2016
| M.W. Steele Group


Summer may be winding down, but there is still time to treasure whatever warm weather that may come our way.  Gaëlle, a French native and new mama to baby Leonie, is our Senior Urban Planner who never ceases to bring a bit of elegance and French culture to the office. We wanted to share her favorite summer traditions as well as a new favorite fall event in her community of Coronado - we hope you enjoy!


My Summer Design List:

One of my favorite memories of summer would be a trip around the 15th of August to La Provence in the South of France.  Located inland from the Mediterranean Sea, it is surrounded by olive tree plantations and lavender fields with tiny stone villages. I would often sit under the shaded plazas near the water fountain and listen to the cicadas sing.  This type of laid back southern French lifestyle is something I will always treasure.  


This list is inspired by both my French heritage and Coronado Island - the beautiful place I am happy to now call home.  I hope you take away a few new ideas of your own!


AdobeStock_88272557.jpeg1. Food

No get-together is complete without some tasty treats! Prepare a cheese plate the French way: find a mix of camembert, brie, goat cheese, blue cheese and ten-year-old gouda; serve with orange-fig jam (it’s ESSENTIAL and changes everything); add a heaping helping of tapenade; rustic olive bread and present this beautiful spread on a wooden board.



AdobeStock_71999572.jpeg2. Drink

There’s always something to celebrate during the summer or fall for that matter! A fresh rosé wine is lighter than a red and easier to pair than a white! I always keep a bottle on hand. The best drink for an evening apéritif is a Mauresque, a traditional drink from the South of France made with the perfect combination of Pastis, almond syrup, water and ice.









3. Style


'Table in a Bag' is the perfect accessory for a classly apéritif for the park or beach!  













Beer by the Bay photo courtesy of Coronado Visitor Center 

 4. Coronado's Beer by the Bay Festival 

As we head into fall, you can expect to find a beer festival or two to attend. We loved going to Coronado's 'Island Style' beer festival last year - live music, beer, and wine tastings with incredible views. The festival also supports some great local charities within our community that we love.  Learn more here.



The Design List is a collection of products, food and drinks, art, activities, and thoughts that inspire our team and we look forward to sharing them with you.


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