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Q&A with Michael Paluso, Associate

April 13 , 2015
| M.W. Steele Group
 Q+A with Michael Paluso, Associate


Michael, recently promoted to Associate Senior Manager, is a proven addition to the well-balanced and talented leadership of founder Mark Steele and the firm's principals Steve Miles and Diego Velasco.  Read on to learn a little about Michael and his affinity for anything mid century modern.


Current project(s):

Wesley Palms Retirement Community Campus Renovation


Most challenging issue on project:

Renovating and enlarging the cottages, which reside within a beautifully landscaped 35 acre campus, without detracting from the history and spirit that the campus evokes.


What inspires me about this project:

Wesley Palms was built in the mid-century modern aesthetic and the fact we are preserving and enhancing that style, which I have a deep affinity for, inspires me.


Favorite qualities in an architect:

Adaptability and problem solving. At its root architecture is about solving problems in an artful way.


If I could have designed any building in the world, it would be:

Case Study House #22


If I could solve one challenge in the field of architecture or planning, it would be:

The overall cost to build. The profession needs to figure out a way to build affordably without sacrificing quality.


Three designers I admire:

Classical: Filippo Brunelleschi

20th Century: Charles and Ray Eames

Current: MVRDV


I am eternally delighted by:

My Wife and Children


My favorite painter/visual artist:

My Father


My favorite author & poet:

F. Scott Fitzgerald


Top three songs on my playlist:

1) Of Monsters and Men: “Little Talks”

2) Matt & Kim “Daylight”

3) The Smiths entire discography


Three things I cannot live without:

iPhone (unfortunately), coffee, small Moleskine sketchbook and pencil


If not myself, I would be:

Anthony Bourdain




The Design List:


 Q+A with Michael Paluso, Associate



1) Personal Accessory - iPhone case by Carved


2) (Wesley Palms Inspiration) Book - Eames: Beautiful Details


3) Architectural product – Ecosene slim cove LED fixture (Wesley Palms)


4) (Wesley Palms Inspiration) For the Home - West Elm Peggy Mid-Century Sofa


5) Architectural product – 9wood ceilings (Wesley Palms Main Building Solariums)


To learn more about Michael, Click here.




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