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About Our Intern.

August 15 , 2016
| M.W. Steele Group

About Our Intern

Say hello to our intern, Clenel! This is his second summer joining the crew and we’re glad to have him back before he returns to Cal Poly Pomona for his final year of architectural school.  He recently returned from studying abroad in Florence, Italy for the past year where he could be found wandering the narrow Italian streets or hopping around to 15 different countries.  We were all fascinated by the adventures and inspirations he gleaned from the trip and wanted him to share some of these moments with you.  We hope you enjoy.

About our InternAbout Our Intern

About Our Intern

About Our Intern


What was the best part of studying abroad?

Traveling and exploring different countries was the best.  I was able to visit fifteen different countries!


What was your favorite travel destination?

Choosing one is too tough, but my top three would have to be Morocco, Greece and Spain.


What was your favorite experience?

Spending the night and riding camels through the Sahara Desert was amazing. I experienced my first sand storm, dined with local Berbers and saw so many stars in the sky.


Coolest architecture experience?

Checking out the Milan 2016 Expo was almost as cool as the Venice Art and Architecture Biennale.


How did studying abroad change you?

Well, I now speak horribly broken Italian, have an obsession with statues and discovered a new love for Italian gelato.


Biggest inspiration from studying abroad?

I was inspired by Europeans’ emphasis on organized public spaces and the cohesive balance between old and new architecture. The experience encouraged me to pursue studies in urban design.


What did you miss most about home?

Mexican Food! No one has Mexican food like SoCal, well except Mexico.


What do you want to do in the field of architecture and planning?

I hope to take a year off of school after receiving my Bachelor of Architecture to gain further experience in the field, and then return to an accelerated grad school program in urban design. My career goal is to become a licensed architect within an urban design firm and an adjunct professor at the university level!


What drew you back to M.W. Steele Group?

I admire not only the firm's commitment to the community, but also their innate ability to balance both architecture and planning.  They are a also a socialable and hardworking crew; I love being a part of the culture here. 

About Our Intern 


Thanks, Clenel, for allowing us to be a part of your educational journey.  We know you will do amazing things (and we know you will be eating a lot of gelato in the process…).

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